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This is your ultimate guide on how to benefit from AI-powered sports predictions generated by Pick Street. 

How to get the most out of Pick Street

1. Join Patreon

You need to join Patreon to get access to premium picks from Pick Street. Patreon is a creator platform that allows us to share our AI- generated sports predictions with you. Simply sign-up or login to your existing Patreon account.

Remember, we do give out two weekly free picks to email subscribers (sign up at the bottom of this page) but premium picks allow you to make the most of Pick Street.

2. Choose your membership tier

Once you’re on Patreon, choose the right all-access pass to your preferred premium picks. You have 3 choices – Academy, Semi-Pro, and Pro – each with varying access to picks from different football markets. Remember to link your Patreon to your Discord account, if you’d like to receive picks via Discord as well.

3. Select a betting strategy

Now it’s time to decide on the betting strategy you’ll opt for. While it’s not mandatory, you stand the chance to get the best return from Pick Street by sticking to a strategy and spreading your bankroll across a number of games each week. We currently suggest choosing a static bet size strategy if you’re just starting out or a dynamic bet size strategy if you’re a more experienced bettor. 

4. Find a betting site

Next you’ll need to set up an account with an online sportsbook or land-based bookie. If you’re looking online, we recommend searching for the best sports betting site for where you’re based. Make sure the bookmaker is licensed, reputable, and offers extensive sports betting coverage.

5. Start your bankroll

Once you’ve found the sportsbook you’d like to join, set up your account and make your first deposit to kick start your bankroll. Make sure you know exactly what you’re comfortable with spending and keep in mind that sportsbooks tend to have minimum deposit requirements.

6. Tune in for weekly picks

You’ll typically receive weekly picks from Pick Street on Tuesday or Thursday, or both. This can vary depending on when that week’s matches are to be played. You can be notified of new picks in a few ways: an email from Patreon, via a Patreon post, and on Discord. Just make sure your notifications are turned on.

7. Add the picks to your betslip

Head to the sportsbook you choose in Step 5 and add the picks to your betslip. We don’t currently provide exact advice on how much to bet per match but we do recommend that you spread your standard or dynamic bet amount across single bets on all the picks generated on any given week for the best return.

You can easily find a team or league using your betting site’s search field. And if an event or market for one of our picks is missing from your chosen sportsbook, ask customer support if they’re able to make the event and/or market available for you. We’ve had this done for us in the past.

8. Review results 

By the time the next week rolls around, you’ll be able to evaluate last week’s picks’ results. Of course, you can keep tabs on how picks are performing as each match is played but we suggest taking a look at our weekly results released every Monday or Tuesday. These provide you with a full picture of the previous week’s results in the context of overall hit rate and ROI per market to-date.

9. Check your bankroll ahead of the next picks

Some week’s picks are predictable and profitable, some week’s picks results come out of left field. This is why it’s important to assess your balance ahead of any new predictions and top up if you need to.

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There you have it – 9 simple steps to make the most out of Pick Street. Are you ready to harness the power of AI-generated sports picks?

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